Career Change – Flash Fiction

Brigit’s Flame Fall Mini-Contest competing entry
Challenge – Flash fiction of 100 words or less – creeepy/spoooky/scaaary tale
Title – Career Change
WC: 97
Warnings – duh-nuh

I’ve always wanted to be a marine biologist.
Even as the boat plunged and soared violently through the storm, I clung tightly to the ropes. Thumbs up to my colleagues. Jacques Cousteau dreams secure in my breast.

Alone. Floating among wavelets rhythmically slapping rubber. I struggled to flip the raft upright, but not to recall why I love the ocean.

The distant whumping helicopter brought tears and laughter. Relief and validation surged like the tide.

Something large bumped my thigh. I’m praying whale. Porpoise. Big fish? Wrong fin!

I should have been a teacher.


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