Gossamer – Flash Fiction

Brigit’s Flame Fall Mini-Contest JFF entry
Challenge – Flash fiction of 100 words or less – creeepy/spoooky / scaaary tale
Title – Gossamer
WC: 100 exactly
Warnings – quite possibly only scary in my head.


Observing an errant thread arch and stretch on a breeze I do not feel -wafting between forehead and cheek. Slivers of light trace the quavering curve up and down its wispy line. I recall a trinket from childhood. A pen with a window on a quaint city street behind a bubble of water. A trolley slipped up and down that street as the pen tipped back and forth.

Mesmerizing strand, longing to be tucked behind the ear, undulating to my pulse.

Cocooned so tightly in her gossamer web I cannot scream – the freedom of this errant filament taunts me.


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