Dialogue: Exercise 1 & 2

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Come working on your character’s conversation skills!

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Every fiction writer I’ve spoken to on the topic, and most celebrity writers whose interviews I’ve read, speak of their characters as real people. I feel the same way about mine, and like many writers I have made the mistake of trying to force my characters’ personalities into print.

Regardless of how richly we can create a setting and sense of place, regardless of how profound our prose may be, our truly authentic, very alive characters cannot become real for an audience unless they are allowed to speak for themselves. What makes them real?

They have likes and dislikes, they have great loves and fundamental beliefs; they feel anger, disappointment and fear, they possess specific preferences, develop distinct motivations, and sometimes, they work contrary to all those emotions, personal preferences, and deepest fundamental beliefs for specific reasons. How do you know this? Because they told you. Now, you must do the retelling.

Exercise 1

Characterize/Reveal Motive(s)


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