The Retelling: A Dialogue Workshop

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In this post I mention my goal to try some writing exercises from one book of the Write Great Fiction series, Dialogue, by Gloria Kempton. This launched an online conversation between Tami (jlly_coppercorn) and myself about the possibility of creating a dialogue workshop for Brigit’s Flame.

Today, we would like to extend an invitation to all community members (and new readers) to join ensuing discussions and writing exercises. First of all, however, let’s discuss this book.

The author does a thorough study on what we already know: The purposes of dialogue.

  • Characterizes/reveals motive
  • Sets the mood of the story
  • Intensifies story conflict
  • Creates tension and suspense
  • Speeds up scenes
  • Adds bits of setting/background
  • Communicates the theme

Writing exercises are then provided for each of these purposes. This is where we will concentrate our focus for the next two weeks by offering up segments of dialogue to each other for constructive criticism…

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