Act I: Know Me (Recorded Reading)

Since there was no reblog option, I’m going to “Press this”. This is not my work.

I have been friends with the poet over at Generation Kathy for years. A few years ago she taught me about Centos and we had some fun putting them together from song lyrics (my poetry appreciation was not really developed back then).

From that time to now, I have seen Kathy’s own poetry grow into something beautiful, visceral, poignant, and heart-achingly good. It is because of her I now feel something for poetry when I read it, rather than just bleeping through and hoping it’ll be funny at the end.

For a recent competitive entry to our writing community, Brigit’s Flame, Kathy put together a Cento that was so seamless and flowed so well I never would have guessed the lines had been extracted from multiple poets and sewn back together like a quilt. The written piece is here with credit to the poets. And the Act II follow-up Cento is here.

Below is my friend and favorite poet reading her Cento – “Know Me”.

Share some love. She’s awesome.

Act I: Know Me (Recorded Reading).



One thought on “Act I: Know Me (Recorded Reading)

  1. Wow, thanks! You’ve got me all aflutter 😉 I still remember the fun we had putting together those lyric centos! It’s time, I think, for me to dig those up and start another project soon. Did I ever tell you that in my days under the tutelage of Professor Alsberg at SWOSU ( months after our little shared project) that I presented one of my centos in class and at the next gathering several classmates had composed their own? That was a fun day in Poetry II.


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