April | Week Three, Act III | Reading List and Voting Poll

Check out what our members wrote. You’ll wish you’d been a part of it from the beginning.
May’s prompt goes up soon, don’t miss the boat. You can write stories or poetry – whatever literary currency you transact, we are greedy for your words and imagination.

Brigit's Flame Writing Community

Ho Flames! What cheer?

We are down to the third Act, the final scenes of retaliation, recovery, and revelation. RicoChey inspired us with another quote of the Bard – “The Devil can cite scripture for his purpose.”

This was taken from The Merchant of Venice, Act I, Scene III and was spoken by Antonio against the money lender Shylock. [ASIDE] Another instance of Shakespeare influencing our modern language. Shylock is now used as a slang term for loan sharks that charge impossible interest rates and are ruthless in their pursuit of repayment. Prior to Shakespeare’s use of it, the word or name shylock had never been heard.[]

In the scene, Shylock is rationalizing his profession by making an example to Antonio on why interest should be due the money lender and retells a story from the Bible to make his point. Antonio, who professes to never lend money for the…

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