May – Sunshine and Writing

Join now! Set your muse on fire in May and join the Flame – Brigit’s Flame.

Brigit's Flame Writing Community

Fellow Flamearians and those of writerly ilk!

May is coming upon us like a wildfire. It is time to commit to a worthy project.
For example, you could sign up to write with us in May. You know you want to — make it happen.

In the wake of our Shakespeare-inspired April contest, we have decided to take things one step further in May and make the month-long contest a month long.
Confused? Excellent. We’re about to shake things up.

Beginning May 3rd you will be given a theme and as much inspiration as we can squeeze into one of these little boxes. Your due date for submitting your story or poetry collection will be 5/26 by 04:00 (4am) EDT. The cap will be 5,000 words, and we are accepting only original, new work written for this project. No dusting off the slush pile or pulling out those lit mag…

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