Topic Post | May 2015 | What Is Reality?

The May theme at Brigit’s Flame is tapping into the mind of PKD. What would you write?
Maybe in June you can join us for a new theme and show us your chops.

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Brigit's Flame Writing Community

When I read a book, peruse art in a gallery, or go in search of new music I’m looking for something I’ve never experienced before. With visual art I’m hoping the artist will show me vistas that I cannot see without the filter of his imagination. The same holds true with writing – perhaps even more so because I will carry the story in my memory long after all of the paintings have faded into squares against a white wall.

For this reason, I seek out stories that are diverse in genre and style – clinging to those that are surreal, haunting and as far afield as the author can take me. One author whose imagination feeds me those dream-time delicacies is Philip K. Dick.

PKD’s books and stories have been around since the sixties, the author himself dying in 1982. Though not as publicly acclaimed as other authors in…

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