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Good morning, my friends of fire.  I hope you have had a good week.  Mine has been full of deep thoughts.  As a consequence, I have decided to talk about writing games — and share a couple of them.

Language is a Virus

There are so many different options of games here.  The one that struck my fancy was the MadLib Poem.  When I was in Junior and Senior High School, MadLibs were a hit.  Being very music/drama/literature types, my friends and I just had the best of time with these games.  MadLibs are based on giving random parts of speech in a list.  Then, when you have collected the words, you read the story — which is bizarre because you had no idea what the context was.

This is the poem that was returned for me:

beautiful horse’s beautiful horse

I run my cups and all the berry sings…

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