Let’s Talk About Editing: Checklists

#1 on the list:
Reminding me to press pause on the dreaming and get down to business.

Brigit's Flame Writing Community

In last Tuesday’s Chatter Post, I expressed an interest in doing a study of editing advice shared  across the web-wide world with the intention of helping all of us learn to apply various tried and true wisdoms. Besides encouraging writers to write, Brigit’s Flame is all about exploring what writers learn as their process evolves.

In my perusal of online articles, I have noticed several authors sharing checklists, or worksheets, that aid in efficiently revising their own work. As much as I adore LISTS, this was an entirely surprising concept. Why didn’t I think of this? Lists make perfect sense, right?

Beyond the dreaded self-editing, I have been known to struggle with having the right words to say when content editing for writing peers. I want to say EXACTLY the right thing; I want to praise the good and point out the bad with a precise, but benevolent finger. (can fingers be…

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