June Reading List and Voting Poll

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Brigit's Flame Writing Community

Hats off to Kathy [darlinleo], Lost & Found was an excellent prompt. I’m really looking forward to seeing where our writers took it. The voting is open until Friday, July 3rd until 11:45pm EDT. You can vote for however many stories you like, though the goal is a single winner. Be sure share some #commentlove. Feel free to invite your readerly friends to read the entries and vote for the best; encourage them to share their kind thoughts as well. If you experience any difficulty leaving comments on foreign blogs, type them in the comments here and we will pass them along. Lastly, leave us a note below or at brigits.flame.tng@outlook.com to let us know if you prefer these one long story months or if you prefer the four shorter stories per month. We want to know what motivates you to write more consistently and with vigor.

Title: “Shattered Souls”…

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