Skin Deep: Race in Writing

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Brigit's Flame Writing Community

If any of you have ever spoken to me at length, you’ll know I have one key project weighing on my mind and my soul. We all have that one monster, don’t we? Mine is a project on which I was once collaborating with a friend. We have since experience a great falling out (girl+boy=byebyebestfriend), and after many months of initial fallout, my thoughts turned to our book(s). I’ll spare you the details, but in the end she told me to go ahead and run with it and agreed to sign legally binding documents when the time comes. Fine. So now it’s mine.

At first I was a little bitter. So, what? Now Cheyenne does all the work? It took me a period of adjustment to realize that having free reign meant I really could make the changes I’d tentatively suggested before. Now, I could really accept her blessing and…

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