Let’s Talk About Editing One Last Time In June

Scrub and polish! A little more editing advice.

Brigit's Flame Writing Community

Editing is so much more than ensuring correct spelling and punctuation — the topic and the process go as deep as each individual project will allow. In some cases, that depth is infinite. Editing isn’t about red pens and an editor’s self-confidence in his or her own writing education, it’s about reading.

When I read, I want poetry. Even from those who do not consider themselves poets — though it may be a surprising concept in conversation, this is not an outrageous or fruitless expectation. Lots of writers give me exactly what I want.  I crave cadence and sensuality, bold images and tangible emotion. Many writers comply.

The challenges arise for me, the demanding reader, when the author doesn’t step aside and let the characters speak to me one-on-one. I want to sit at the narrator’s (or protagonist’s) feet and listen to a first-hand rendition. I demand the writer move over.

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