Week Two Writing Topic | July 2015 – Month-o-Minis

Open to all this week. Come write with us. #gowrite #brigitsflame

Brigit's Flame Writing Community

The whole month of July we will be exploring small things to accommodate our tiny word count caps.
For week two your prompt is:

Doll’s Eyes

doll's eyes

I went through many dolls in my childhood. They sat on shelves, shared my pillow, and sometimes were forgotten on top of the toybox and left to stare at the ceiling all night. I had one that closed her eyes when you laid her down. She had surprisingly long eyelashes for a doll. Not soft like a person’s, the eyelashes were one stiff curve of plastic jutting from a little blue eye. I used to press my finger to the curl – open, close, open, close. Eventually, one of the eyes stopped pivoting and she lived out the rest of her days in a permanent wink. With those very adult eyelashes it’s no wonder she turned out cheeky.

In 200 words or less, tell…

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