September Sign Ups!

Don’t miss out on the writing fun. Come sign up for September’s writing contest with Brigit’s Flame.

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(Aliens, Copyright Twentieth Century Fox film corp 1986)

Good Morning flames!

In just a few short days we will be posting a new prompt for the month of September hosted by yours truly Shane Bell!

Writing and reading along with my fellow flames here these past few months has been a lot of fun so I’m really excited to be hosting this month’s prompt and I hope to see a big turn out!

It is a topic that is near and dear to me and I think it’ll make for some excellent food for thought.

The time to sign up to participate in the prompt is anywhere between now and this upcoming Saturday Evening 08/29/15 at 23:59 (EST)

All you have to do to participate is comment below.

The prompt itself will be posted on Sunday morning 08/30 the year of our lord 2015.

Here is just a little hint to…

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