I Need A Hero

Do you need a hero? We do. #writethis

Brigit's Flame Writing Community

Many years ago a wise woman asked, “Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?” I’m not sure she ever got an answer, but the concept got some serious radio play.

Though I feel that the term hero is applied much too liberally in this age (particularly in the press), I do find myself looking for a new hero every time I turn on the TV. Maybe I was groomed for the hero expectations, having grown up watching Spidey, Wonder Woman, and the Hulk. Regardless of how the interest started, the comic book/gaming hero character is one of my favorites. Though, unlike Wonder Woman, now we see figures behaving heroically in fiction are more reluctant than gung-ho.

Is this an improvement on an old trope? Maybe it reflects our need for a more realistic approach to righting the wrongs and overcoming adversity. Black & white…

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