Adrift: Lady Saran’s Chapters: Chapter 02. Scene 02. Myths By Moonlight

Brigit’s Flame Entry – Week Two October – The Mysterious

“Myths By Moonlight”
Word Count:405
Genre: Science Fiction in the larger work, poetry for the scene with an occult slant.
This scene is one from my character Lady Saran in the novel Adrift. It follows her disappointing meeting with General Greaves and is more of a duty to her on this occasion than the spiritual ceremony she revels in every few years. This is the ritual performed during a full lunar eclipse by the Fellowship of Lunarian Evanescence.

[author’s note: this is a poor excuse for a chapter. I have a real piece of story mapped out to go here, but I need to smooth it out.]

[Lady Saran Stellaluneia gestures broadly to the camera]

Good eve to you, my beings of light. Tonight the world will celebrate Redemption Night as our goddess recedes into the Earth’s shadow. For it is on such a night She compels us to atone for past wrongs, and reconcile with those who have brought us pain or misfortune. It is a night to be freed of ill and remorse – to be freed of all that tarnishes our inner glow.

Pray with me to our goddess for the strength to speak with candor as we confess.
Call upon La Luna to open our hearts wide that we might forgive.
Appeal with me to Our Lady of Light for the gifts of sense to accept the blame that is ours and the grace to not allay guilt by foisting it on others.

As you prepare your floats and lanterns to ascend into Her embrace, lend your voices in supplication to she who lights our path.


[The ceremonial orb is lit and veiled.]

In shadow, Earth, from Pole to Central Sea,
Now steals along upon our Moon’s meek shine
In even monochrome and curving line
Of imperturbable serenity.

[light four white candles for peace]

Slowly, silently, now our Moon
Arcs the night in silver blaze.
Lifting eyes,
Gilding dreams.

[light four silver candles for hope]

Reflecting pale desire;
Illuminating bitter joy and sweet pain.
Slipping in silence,
From Sol’s paternal gaze.

[light four salmon candles for life]

Wan for weariness
Of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth,
Worn thin to the width of a quill,
Giving light, dying.

[light two rose and two scarlet candles for death]

Before slumber
Before rebirth
Collected woes reflect,
The heart, the will,
That raw place
Still tender to the touch.

[light four salmon candles for healing]

See Her blood
blanched of light,
red as that within us,
Drain away.

[light four silver candles for atonement]

The Moon,
Elegant in veil and lace,
Emerges to trace
Eloquent paths once more.

[light four white candles for renewal]

As Her gifts descend,
Our hearts are made
clean again by Her radiance.


[Lady Saran faces the camera]

My wish for you on this sacred day is that peace and light shine on you and through you to light the darkness of our world.

[Lady Saran unveils the orb, cradles it in her palms, and offers the gently glowing sphere to the camera.]
[Glare screen to white]


Author’s note- The poem in the ritual is a partial cento including lines from the following works:
1. “At Lunar Eclipse” by Thomas Hardy
2. “Silver” by Walter de la Mare
3. Influenced by “The Half Moon Shows a Face of Plaintive Sweetness” by Christina Rossetti
4. “To The Moon” by Percy Bysshe Shelley
5. “Moon’s Ending” by Sara Teasdale

The interwoven lines were mine.


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