‘Eadar’…that’s a weird word

For those wondering what ‘eadar’ means.  The word itself comes from the Scottish Gaelic and simply means ‘between’, but in this context I’m referring to a little bit of lore dreamt of by the fantasy author Charles de Lint.

Mr. de Lint introduced us to the existence of the Eadar in his novel “Onion Girl”, the first full length novel focusing on events in the life of Jilly Coppercorn.

An Eadar is a being created by an artist when inspiration takes form in their mind.  From the perspective of an author, an Eadar exists for each of the characters they invent.  It starts out as a wisp…just a shade of life, but as its story is shared with people it begins to strengthen, accreting mass from Imagination’s ether and becoming more substantial.  The more people have heard its story and hold the character in their minds, the more tangible and vibrant the related Eadar becomes.  But when their books fall out of favor and the people who treasured them grow to old age without passing the stories on to the next generation…the essence of the Eadar diminishes until it is nothing more than wisp again.  Sometimes, given enough neglect, they will cease to exist.

As a writer I have begun the life cycle of many Eadar, but I have failed them by keeping their stories to myself.  If there is a person reading this blog and not just a Google Bot scanning for advertising opportunities or an NSA protocol searching for a hidden agenda, then maybe I can begin remuneration to my poor Eadar waifs.  Read their stories and cherish them as I do.

In the comments below, feel free to remind the world of your favorite literary character and give them a little boost of life today.

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