Welcome. Pull up a dog bed…

I am a writer, nature-lover, casual photographer, dog mom and advocate of many creepy-crawly things.

In the time before dogs, I used to spend every spare moment wandering through nature preserves taking photos of kaydids, trees, spiders and their webs, and bits of nature shaped like hearts. I soaked in the solitude, listening to the wind and writing positively awful poetry.

Then I met my Steve and we began filling our lives with dogs, antiques and awesome cameras.
Steve came with Bobo the Greyhound, who is a wonderful cat the size of a horse that people often refer to as a dog (but they don’t know him like we do). Together we folded in Mouse the Neurotic Vizsla, the Great Lizard Huntress Nandi, and currently the awkward and ginormous River – A Great Dane.

Katydids do not stay still in their presence and spiders run from them, so I’m left snapping pictures of trees and some furry kids shaped like my heart.

In this blog you will find short stories I am writing for myself or to share with an online writing community called Brigit’s Flame.  Over time I will also include chapters of novels I’m in the process of writing (and have been working on for years) and some of the nature-inspired poetry I used to write.  Currently these things are all over the net. I want to pull them together but they also need editing and refinement, so the process may be slow.

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